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  • How can I support MAW?
    First off- THANK YOU for wanting to support us! Here are a few ways to do so; Follow us on Twitter @Millerswork Follow us on Instagram at MillersAtWork Subscribe to our Youtube- Millers At Work Like us on Facebook @MillersAtWrk Share about us and our posts so we can grow our foundation before opening our store!
  • What does MAW sell?
    We currently are not selling anything, BUT we have many ideas and products in mind that we would like to persue. Some of those things include wood work, metal work, crochet/sewn products, printed shirts, stickers, and soaps. We are in the beginning stages of this business and are very open minded and interested in persuing many avenues of work.
  • When will the store be open?
    As of right now we do night have a set date of our official opening, but don't leave yet! We do have a Youtube channel which we will continuelly be updating so those who are interested can stay up to date on our journey! Feel free to subscribe and follow us on our Small Business journey!
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