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From the Beginning

Welcome to us, and what we are about. 


Our mission is to bring a little midwestern family and craftsmanship to our customers wherever they are. To give the homes we touch with our products a little bit of comfort, happy memories, and a rustic home feel that you won't find anywhere but us.


To bring back the sense of great workmanship, and character that is often stripped of things when built by large corporations. Something that tells any who see or receive our creations that happiness and dedication is what made it, not the need for profit.

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To create quality home-crafted products that fulfill our need to create and give, and within those products make our customers feel a part of our dedicated family. Our family has always been full of big minds with the need to create, and by putting those passions to work we hope to do more than give ourselves fulfillment but give happiness to others through it.

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Our Family

It started with two wonderful people with a passion for making things from the simple things they had. Dean had always been a woodworker, always someone who found fascination in intricate designs and delicate details fashioned from oak or pine. Faith was brought up with the love of sewing and crocheting. Taking a simple piece of fabric or yarn and creating something with purpose and warmth. They had three crazy kids who too had the calling to create, whether it be through, drawing, writing, crafts, or metalwork. Because of Dean and Faith's passions, they have decided to create a family business where they can all utilize their ideas and share them with the world.

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