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What our Business Brings

To the market, and our customers

What We Do

We currently are using a xTool D1 Pro laser etcher with a 20w Diode Laser and 400 mm/s speed. It has 120w worth of output power and 0.0043 inches of movement accuracy. We laser etch everything from stainless steel to unfinished oak.

We also are using a Janome Multi- Needle Embroidery Machine. It had seven needles that work simultaneously, using several colors for one project. It can embroider anything from blankets to hats.


What We've Made

With our laser etcher we have been experimenting with many products. We have done metal travel mugs, stone coasters, wood ornaments, etc. We are still working on what we plan to focusing on and having fun figuring out all the details of the machine.

With out embroidery machine we have embroidered blankets, shirts, scrubs, and hats. Again we are figuring out all the nooks and cranies of our machines before figuring out exactly what we want to do.

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